Chapter 1

1. Denial

This chapter introduces the PCs and the NPC cell mates, taking the team through the “Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing” phases of group dynamics. It begins with the arrest of each PC and takes them through some menial tasks together as they go from being strangers to being a tight group. The Chapter ends with the trial of at least one PC where the corruption of the courts becomes painfully obvious.

Quests in this chapter

  1. Getting Arrested
    • many wrongfully accused
  2. Cheap Labour
  3. Smuggling Information
    • get information in and out for other cell mates.
  4. they start off in a group cell with like 15 people and they all become really tight… that’s 15 people you can kill in different ways!
  5. They are set aside because of their usefulness and so they go on all kinds of little quests, like community service.

Important Points About the Setting

  1. The characters start out in the Outer Ward where security is tight, an escape does not seem difficult from here and many rumors about how to get out float around.
  2. This is an introduction to the gangs of the underground. The success and failure of jobs for different gangs determines the group’s affiliations.
  3. The war is only beginning, but there is already a strong need for prisoners to carry out public services as men go off to training.
  4. The need for cheap labour has made the courts very loose and it is almost impossible to defend oneself based on ‘facts’ once arrested by the guard.

Chapter 1

The Lowlifes muunkky