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Denial – Chapter 1

  1. cheap labour
  2. get information in and out…
  3. wrongfully accused, or was framed or something?
  4. they start off in a group cell with like 15 people and they all become really tight… that’s 15 people you can kill in different ways!
  5. They are set aside because of their usefulness and so they go on all kinds of little quests, like community service.

Anger – Chapter 2

  1. They could find out something really important and then have to escape to stop something terrible, but not just because they wanted to be free.
  2. rally other prisoners to riot
  3. have an NPC build up a relationship with the party/someone in the party… then KILL THE NPC! ... a prison murder! queue dramatic music!
  4. One of the characters escapes and goes back to his family, the guard catches him and destroys his family business… ruining his wife and kids

Bargaining – Chapter 3

  1. gladiators
  2. got the opportunity to be outside under the open sky at night while on graveyard watch duty due to an understaffed city guard
  3. trying to smuggle stuff in…
  4. the inner politics of the prison(s)
  5. semi-political assassinations
  6. the introvert snaps, and prisoners start disappearing, and people suspect it’s one guy… until HE disappears as well! dun dun duuuuuun!
  7. you could have two NPC women thrown in jail for “indecency” One is a beautiful woman that one character falls in love with… they plan to escape and elope together to the character’s secret thief village in the forest, but she turns out to be a spy for the guard and they get ambushed… killing everyone he knows.
  8. have one of the ladies seduce 2 of the guys and see what happens! yeah, she just needs one of them to stick and if neither of the players fall for it, then an NPC steps in. Another thief from their home village
  9. The second is a spy for the guy that was let out, and she seduces the guy in the prison who knows a location to a treasure or powerful magic item or something?
  10. they’re actually lesbians and they use the men to get their freedom and make money so they can elope

Depression – Chapter 4

  1. plague/starvation
  2. Suicide missions at war. Going ‘over the top’.
  3. Hangings would be very emotional
  4. resort to cannibalism? lord of the flies
  5. there could be a quiet introvert who is pushed around by the other prisoners… then finally SNAPS and goes on a rampage AND EATS PEOPLE
  6. Or they all are framed, except one who is actually diabolically scheming but seems the most innocent of all and they keep finding ‘evidence’ that someone is using to frame that character and they all think it’s a great injustice until they find the truth and their friendship is tested
  7. The group of 15 has a chance to escape but is betrayed by one of them and the plan fails with several deaths… the betrayer just didn’t want to leave, he liked it better in the cell with all his new friends or he does it as part of a plea bargain… early parole he gets let out, the others get thrown back in jail, and they start hearing news about someone taking control of their businesses or lands, possibly killing their families using all the secrets from the cell

Acceptance – Chapter 5

  1. rise up to become the crime-lord of the prison
  2. At first they could be hopeless and without purpose… make them question why they even want to be free? what great benefit to the world are they anyways? Maybe even convince themselves that the world is better off with them locked up.
  3. Becomes the arch nemesis because they all tell stories, and possibly secrets, while in the jail. Making sure they never get out, but keeping them around to do his dirty work by blackmail “your family’s safe… FOR NOW!”

Story Main Page

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